Brock Lesnar: Will He Become an MMA Legend or Merely Be a Paper Champion?

By Andrew Gladstone

Brock Lesnar (5-2) has a rough road ahead of him as he will not only be coaching the 13th season of the Ultimate Fighter, but after the show is over, facing off against Junior Dos Santos in a No. 1 contenders bout. The question on my mind is, will Lesnar be able to recapture the glory? And will he be able to even make it to Cain Velasquez?

Back when Lesnar captured the UFC heavyweight title from Randy Couture, he showed holes in his game, and won the fight on pure grit and power. In fact, Lesnar has relied a lot of his explosive power and strength to get the majority of his wins.

The MMA game has evolved so much that you can’t just rely on explosive power and strength alone anymore, and if your technique isn’t up to par, you will be behind the rest of the queue. This isn’t Lesnar’s fault that the UFC put him in this position early in his career, and he’s done incredibly well considering that he had little experience in MMA before entering the octagon.

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