Guymon receives ruptured discs, rib injury from DaMarques body triangle

Mike ‘Joker’ Guymon says he sustained two ruptured discs in his spine, plus rib damage, from the body triangle that DaMarques Johnson locked in on him during their UFC Fight for the Troops 2 meeting last weekend.

The body triangle, which Johnson is well known for, caused Guymon to submit and after the fight he could not even sit down in the locker room. He subsequently announced his retirement from mixed martial arts. He has a 1-3 record in the UFC and a 12-5-1 record overall.

“I have a problem with the rib and two of my vertebrae have a little problem there as well. Its just ruptured discs, it takes four to six weeks the doctors say. Its jut a case of staying off it and helping the recovery process, I will be fine. All that happened from the body triangle,” he said.

“Ever since my medication changed a little bit its not me in there. I just can’t fight with the medication I am taking, the way my head is, there is just no way. I can’t do it any more. Too hard on my heart and too hard on my mind. You just kind of know when you are done.”


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