Malaipet: “I would compete anywhere given the opportunity”

By Bob Tatum

For fans of mixed martial arts, the name Malaipet may bring back memories of the defunct EliteXC promotion. For the rest of the world, the name represents much, much more.

In the world of Muay Thai, “The Diamond” has held numerous titles, including the Rajadamnern Stadium championship and WBC welterweight championship, in addition to over 130 victories.

The legend of the sport recently took time to speak with about his upcoming fight schedule, his combat sports past and personal endeavors.

Malaipet’s most recent fight took place at the King’s Birthday Celebration on Dec. 5, as he battled Kevin Ross at Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. The bout was easily the most significant Muay Thai fight on American soil in the last year. The event marked the first time Malaipet competed at 147 pounds. Although he fell short in his conquest, he is confident that a rematch would yield a different result.

“Kevin definitely gave a good performance last time, but next time I’ll be better prepared,” Malaipet explained.


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