Matt Hughes: “I don’t know if I’ll sign another contract with the UFC”

By Josh Gross

Matt Hughes has expressed the desire before. But this time, perhaps, he might just follow through.

“I don’t know if I’ll sign another contract with the UFC,” the former UFC welterweight champion said Thursday in San Jose, Calif., where he’ll corner middleweight Robbie Lawler at the HP Pavilion this weekend against Strikeforce titleholder Ronaldo Souza.

Hughes has one fight remaining on his current UFC deal, and said he plans on fulfilling his obligation to his longtime promoter by the middle of the year. Out of fitness preservation, Hughes, patting his stomach, said he stepped back into his gym, H.I.T. Squad in Granite City, Ill., three weeks ago to maintain his shape. Beyond that, he couldn’t say what his future holds, though the 37-year-old powerhouse did not shut the door on competing again.

“I would have to talk to my wife. I’d have to talk to Dana. I wouldn’t call it a retirement,” Hughes said. “It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for me to fight two or three times. I have said I’m going to fight one more time for the last three fights. I meant it. I really have.”

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