Oscar De La Hoya promises Pacquiao vs. Mayweather tickets to celebrity friends!

By Scott Heritage

Oscar De La Hoya, former pound for pound champion and owner of Golden Boy promotions, appears to still firmly believe that the much talked about and twice abandoned showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr is still going to happen in the near future.

He’s even gone a step further than that though, and already appears to have started giving away tickets.

For a period of nearly two hours earlier today, De La Hoya tweeted a selection of famous names ranging from UFC boss Dana White to Britney Spears, all with the same message. The 80+ tweet marathon proclaiming to each:

“looking forward to hooking you up with tix when Mayweather-Pacman happens!”

Meaning that unless Oscar takes the garbled late night broadcasts Floyd Mayweather often makes from Ustream account seriously, he knows something that we don’t.

Sure he could just be looking ahead to a bout he hopes will happen one day, but then why spend hours sending messages to his celebrity contacts and why now, when to the best of everyone’s knowledge Mayweather is currently indisposed and Pacquiao has other opponents queuing up around the block to fight him?


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