Interview with Ultimate Fighter finalist Vinny Magalhães

By Brian Hemminger

Vinny Magalhães is a fighter with some of the most impressive Brazilian jiu jitsu credentials around. Magalhães won gold at the Pan Ams, the World Jiu Jitsu Championships in gi and no-gi and even took Bronze in the prestigious Abu Dhabi World Championships in 2009. Magalhães may only hold a 5-5 record as a professional, but he fought his way to the finals of season 8 of the Ultimate Fighter, eventually losing to current undefeated contender Ryan Bader. At only 26 years old, Magalhães still has plenty of time to work his way back to the major promotions and he will take a big step in that direction tonight as he faces Robert “Damien Knight” Scott in the main event of MMA Xplosion in Las Vegas.

Vinny was kind enough to speak with the Toledo MMA Examiner about what he’s been up to since leaving the UFC and how he plans to defeat Scott.

Brian Hemminger: You’ve gone 3-1 since you left the UFC. Is it still one of your main goals to work your way back into the big show?

Vinny Magalhães: I wouldn’t say it is a goal right now. Of course it is a goal to eventually make it back to the UFC, the UFC being the biggest promotion having the best fighters if you want to have the biggest challenge. But I also just signed a 6 fight deal with M-1 so my current goal is to finish my contract with M-1 and in the future who knows? If M-1 comes up with a better offer, I might just re-sign with them but if not, the UFC is always in my plans.


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