Matt Hughes: “I’m going to fight again, I just don’t know when.”

Tony Medina of was able to catchup with Matt as he was in San Jose, California getting ready to corner friend and longtime training partner Robbie Lawler when he takes on RonaldoJacare” Souza for the Strikeforce middleweight title coming up later tonight.

And as far as an immediate future in his upcoming mixed martial arts career?

“To be honest, I’ve got nothing coming up. No talks, no nothing. No ideas in my head. I fought three times last year which is a lot for me–and spend time with the family…I’ve got a hunting show so I’ve been doing a lot of hunting on the hunting show, and that’s it. No fight talk whatsoever.”

With that said, the former titleholder didn’t completely rule out a return to the cage in the immediate future. For now, Hughes is making up for loss time with the family, however hopes to make his way back inside the octagon when the time is right.

“I’m going to fight again, it’s just I don’t know when. I’ve just got other things going on with the hunting show and the family, so my top priority right now is not the UFC, it’s my family. I was away from them a lot last year. At times I would train away from home, and with three fights I was gone a lot, I’m just trying to get that time back.


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