Nippon Weekly: Strikeforce Considering Heavyweight GP Event in Japan

By Daniel Herbertson

There are still no significant fights on the horizon, but there have been some big moves this week in Japan.

In this edition of Nippon Weekly, Strikeforce is considering holding its second quarterfinal round of their Heavyweight GP in Japan, UFC is planning its own Japanese events in 2011 and DREAM co-promoter Real Entertainment and Strikeforce are possibly planning a lightweight tournament sans-FEG.

Strikeforce Furthering Japanese Partnerships, Considering a Strikeforce Heavyweight GP Event in Japan?
DREAM and K-1 promoter Fighting and Entertainment Group are keeping us all anxiously waiting for news of their life or death, but the vultures are already swooping in.

In the same week that the UFC announced new distribution deals and plans to return to Japan, ESPN’s Josh Gross reports that Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker is considering venues in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and also Japan for the second quarterfinal round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, to be held April 9.


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