Anderson Silva expects the best Vitor Belfort ever


Anderson Silva insists he is not giving any special attention to Vitor Belfort, despite the challenger’s world class reputation when it comes striking.  Belfort has beaten the likes of Randy Couture, Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin during his career, displaying lethal hand speed combined with phenomenal power. Silva has not faced an out-and-out striker since he met Patrick Cote in October 2008, when the pair shared two rounds of cautious sparring before Cote’s knee gave way.

Belfort’s reputation is far superior to that of Cote, as is his career record, and it is reported that the Brazilian is applying a significant Karate element to his training in order to overcome the UFC middleweight champion.  Silva, however, does not like to get involved in such pre-fight conjecture.

“I respect what Vitor brings to the Octagon and what he has achieved in the sport, but I look at him as just another opponent. Mixed martial arts is not about if you can do one thing better than your opponent. I respect the power he has in his striking, like I respect the skills of all my opponents. You have to prepare for the very best opponent, with the best strategy, otherwise you will be surprised in the Octagon when they don’t do the exact thing you thought they would do in the fight. I am preparing for the best Vitor Belfort you have ever seen.” Silva told ESPN.


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