Herschel Walker’s Inexperience Is Not Bad for Strikeforce, MMA

By Luke Thomas

Here’s a test. Tell me about the MMA careers of Jay Lester and Johnny Curtis. These were the first two opponents on a top prospect today, so I presume everyone must be familiar with their names.

Don’t sound too familiar, do they?

These were the first two fighters UFC heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub faced in his MMA career. Lester has one recorded fight – this loss – and Curtis is not a name familiar to fight fans except in Northern Virginia. Both of Schaub’s first two fights combined for a total of one minute and thirty-seven seconds in fighting action. Admittedly, Curtis had an accomplished Division I amateur wrestling career, but I was cageside for that event. Curtis was long, long past his athletic prime and came in unprepared, even uninterested, that night. Schaub has always been a serious talent, but didn’t really have to use many of his skills to put Curtis away.

I bring this up because of a particular criticism levied at Herschel Walker. Walker is certainly no Brendan Schaub, nor is he trying to be. But the former football great is being attacked for facing opposition that realistically have no chance of winning or even doing damage. The charge is that if one is going to fight on such a large stage for an elite MMA promotion, either be capable of competing at that level or get out of the way.


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