Hit Piece: Nick Diaz – Strikeforce’s Protected Paper Champion

By Derek Suboticki

When it comes to multiple belts and talent dilution, boxing still reigns supreme. Ask a boxing fan who the welterweight champion of the world is, and he/she will tell you it’s Manny Pacquiao, whom currently holds the WBO belt he took off of Miguel Cotto. A hardcore boxing fan may feel the need to explain that there is also a WBC welterweight title (currently held by Andre Berto), with WBA (Vyacheslav Senchenko) and IBF (Dejan Zavec) belts also in the mix at that weight. At just about every weight, in fact.

Ask a mixed martial arts fan and you’ll receive an answer similar in obviousness to Pacquiao – “GSP”. Then again, if you ask a hardcore MMA fan (whom, given my experience, will have probably scoffed at you numerous times by this point), you’ll probably hear an additional answer – Nick Diaz, Strikeforce’s current WW champion, coming off of a successful title defense last night against Cyborg Santos (the husband, not the wife). If this hardcore also happens to be a pothead/209 resident/Diaz fan, you may even leave with the impression that Diaz is the de facto #2 WW in the world and the only man in the division capable of giving GSP a real fight.

This would be quite the mistaken conclusion to draw.


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