Mike Pierce sends a message to Kenny Robertson

Speaking via UFC.com

“They love giving me rookies. It makes no difference for me. I get to go out there and fight somebody and make good money and show my skills.”

“If he has watched any video on me then I’m sure he has a little bit of an idea, but once that door closes in the Octagon he will not be ready for what he just got himself into. I don’t think people know how big of a 170 pounder I am. I am stepping into that Octagon most times at 190 pounds. After doing a body fat test not too long ago, I weighed in at 189 pounds and I was only 8.9% body fat, which leaves me at 172ish pounds of lean muscle mass.”

“I watch video on these guys, but when it comes down to it, they are fighting me. I don’t care what previous records or belts they have had or what gym he trains out of or how many knockouts he has, when it comes down to it he is just one man against me. They’re going to do what I want them to do; it is either my way or no way. That’s how it has to be.”




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