Aldo Can’t Wait for Return: Hominick to Face an Anxious Champion

By Jake Chastain

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo recently stepped out of his UFC debut fight and scheduled title defense on New Year’s Day’s UFC 125 event with an injured neck. According to his camp, the champ wanted to fight regardless of the injury, but after advice from coaches and teammates Aldo decided to postpone his UFC debut and make sure he was 100% healthy before entering the octagon and putting on a show for UFC fans. Here is what Aldo’s coach, Ed Soares, recently said about the champ and his scheduled April 30th return (via

“He wanted to fight injured. Me and his coaches were like, ‘No, you’re not fighting. You’re not going to make your UFC debut not being 100-percent.’ He’s excited to get in there and fight in his first UFC match. That kid is always ready to fight. He wants to fight all the time. If he could fight four times a year, he would. He hasn’t fought since September and he’s just itching to get in there and fight.”


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