Tim Sylvia speaks after upset loss to Abe Wager at Titan FC 16

By Brendhan Conlan

You can now add two-time UFC heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia to the growing list of fighters, fans, and promoters concerned with the job being done by MMA officials. Clearly rocked by opponent Abe Wager this past Friday at Titan FC 16, “The Maine-iac” fell forward and then watched his four-fight win streak broken as referee Jason Herzog half-heartedly jumped in then waived for the bell.

Five Ounces of Pain caught up with Sylvia to gauge his mindset after the upset loss and learned a few interesting things. Though the 6’8” fighter didn’t deny the damage done by Wagner’s strikes, he expressed his belief things would have happened differently had Herzog considered some of his other performances before ending the action.

“Refs need to know the fighters. Did he see my fight with Andrei Arlovski – the second one – I got dropped, got up, and KO’d him. The Randy Couture fight I got dropped and fought for twenty five minutes,” Sylvia explained while citing past examples of his ability to overcome in-ring adversity.

“It was stopped way too early…It was bullsh*t,” he continued. “(And) the sad part is the ref told the promoter and my corner he was sorry because he knew he made a mistake and stopped it a little early.”

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