Zelaznik labels Jon Jones ‘MMA fighter 3.0’


Jon Jones has been hailed as the new generation of fighter by Marshall Zelaznik, who cannot wait to see the light-heavyweight take on Ryan Bader at UFC 126.

UFC chief Zelaznik is not only an employee of MMA’s premier organisation, he also considers himself a huge fan of the sport. And, when asked to sum up the forthcoming UFC 126 card, featuring Anderson Silva v Vitor Belfort, Rich Franklin v Forrest Griffin, and Jon Jones v Ryan Bader, Zelaznik responded: “This card is ridiculous.”

The Jones v Bader fight, in the words of Bader, is “the future”. Two unbeaten fighters (excluding Jones’ disqualification against Matt Hamill), they are both considered title contenders in the 205lb weight class. And in Zelaznik’s eyes, they will soon be the men that set the bar for generations to follow.

“I remember watching Jon Jones toss Stephen Bonnar around the Octagon and I turned to my son and said ‘my God, look at this guy’,” Zelaznik told ESPN. “Jones is like the MMA fighter 3.0.


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