CHRIS LYTLE On Carlos Condit, GSP and His Aspirations For UFC Gold

By Pedro Carrasco

I caught up with UFC welterweight fighter Chris Lytle while he was on the clock at the Fire station putting in time and waiting to save lives as an Indianapolis firefighter. In this interview, we talk about his road to UFC 127 as he prepares to fight the former WEC 170 pound champ, Carlos Condit. Since I discovered Chris was talking to me from the fire station I started things off asking him how long he will continue that line of work.

He responded…

“You know, I enjoy coming to work, it feels good to be here, I enjoy what I do and I feel good about myself at the end of the day. I never wake up and go ‘man I don’t want to go there’. I think anytime you can wake and go to work and like it, you have to hold onto it and I couldn’t just quit right now and become a fighter to come back later. I am passed the age limit to apply for this job so I am going to keep firefighting as long as I can. I like it, what can I say?”

Having just rematched and beaten former divisional champ Matt Serra at UFC 119, I wanted to know if he felt a fight with Carlos was a step in the right direction for him.

“I’m feeling pretty good right now, I told the UFC I wanted to fight one of the top guys and I got Carlos Condit so I was really happy. Carlos is an exciting fighter. He’s the kind of guy that I like to fight he’s not looking to win decisions usually. He tries to go out there and finish fights. He is pretty good at finishing from his back and he just showed in his last fight against Hardy that he is good at knocking people out too.

That’s basically what I’m looking for, a guy who wants to come out there and take me out. I don’t want a guy whose whole game plan is ‘let’s go out there and see how we can win a decision’. I want a guy who is going to go out there with an up paced fight where we are going to lay it all on the line and try to knock each other out and that’s what I feel I am getting with Carlos. “


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