UFC 126: Rich Franklin, “My Time in This Sport is Limited”

By Damon Martin


It’s a conversation that every professional athlete has to confront at some point in his career. In mixed martial arts the passing of the guard is taking place right before our very eyes as legends like Chuck Liddell start to walk away and new stars such as Jon Jones begin to emerge.

Rich Franklin was the last fighter to ever face Chuck Liddell. Following his knockout win over the former light heavyweight champion the questions started immediately about the “Iceman” walking away from the sport. It wasn’t until late last year that Liddell finally made the decision to call it a career, and Franklin certainly doesn’t think of himself as the one that ‘retired’ the “Iceman.”

“I get asked that question all the time, ‘how does it feel to be the guy that retired Chuck Liddell?’ and you’re right in what you said, (Chuck’s retirement) was the culmination of a lot of events. It wasn’t just me that retired Chuck Liddell. There were several other fights and I’m sure he had talks with his doctors and all of that kind of stuff, and those factors came into play. I don’t crown myself as having that honor or anything like that,” Franklin told MMAWeekly Radio on Tuesday.

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