Forrest Griffin Spills The Beans

By Frank Curreri

LAS VEGAS – The difference-maker in Saturday night’s UFC 126 co-main event? How about Forrest Griffin’s breath?

It’s possible, especially since the self-professed coffee connoisseur/addict recently graduated to “Cat Poo Coffee,” which is literally coffee beans featuring feces from a cat-like animal in Indonesia. The delicacy, also known as “Civet Coffee,” “Cats—t Coffee” and “Kopi Luwak”, is regarded as the world’s most expensive java and has been known to sell for $600 a pound or $50 a cup.

“Yeah, it’s the Holy Grail of coffee,” Griffin marveled. “It changed my life for the better. It’s like flying first class: Once you fly first class, then flying anything else sucks.”

Days away from his bout with Rich Franklin this weekend, the witty former UFC light heavyweight champ seemed much more content to discuss his outrageously high coffee consumption, his ADHD, and The Apocalypse than his distinguished MMA career. Fittingly, during our 30-minute interview the former police officer frequently sipped from a large cup of joe.

“In a fight camp I keep it to 800 milligrams of caffeine a day, maybe closer to 1,000 milligrams of caffeine a day,” said the thickly bearded 31-year-old, who’s been sporting the grungy look of a lumberjack and who spent north of $1,800 last year on coffee. “I usually drink quadruple espressos, about two of those a day. And I make a pot of coffee – they’re kind of weak – but I drink eight cups of coffee in the morning.”

Author of two outlandish books that made The New York Times bestseller list, Griffin said he also occasionally chugs what diehards call “coffee porn in a cup,” which is a 20-ounce drink comprised of 10 shots of espresso.

“It’s awesome but you don’t want to work out around that, you’ll have a heart attack,” he said. “But it’s good for book writing, I’ll tell you that.”


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