“Rumble” Johnson Predicts Smashing Of Brock Lesnar

By BJPenn.com

BJPenn.com’s Pedro Carrasco has been making his rounds throughout the MMA world, taking time to sit down and talk with several high profile fighters across the country. Recently Carrasco sat down with UFC welterweight beast Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. While the two exchanged words, had some laughs and talked about his future in the fight world, Carrasco managed to get Johnson’s opinion on the newly named TUF heavyweight coaches, Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos, and how he felt their fight at the end of the season would sketch out. Johnson had no problem voicing his opinion on the matter. Here is what he said:

“Junior Dos Santos is going to smash him, plain and simple. Junior is no joke. I mean, Brock is no joke either but we always knew what his weakness was and his weakness was his stand up. His stand up looks like a 2-year-olds stand up. He aint no boxer, he aint no striker, he is just a big dude that will take you down and do his thing to you. But as far as stand up that’s not his forte, you know what I mean? He is not coordinated enough to act like he can do some damage. Now, if he hits you with one of those big sledge hammers then yeah, he can do something to you. But they are so slow you can move out of the way. In fact, you can close your eyes and move out of the way. But I think Dos Santos is going to put it on him.”

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