Philippines set to be first localized TUF

The Philippines is likely to be the first non-US nation to get its own season of The Ultimate Fighter, says UFC president Dana White.

He made the comment to Daily Telegraph reporter Gareth Davies, who was pitching an England vs. Australia TUF season to him.

“We’re taking The Ultimate Fighter to all these different countries. I just got done doing an interview with [someone in] the Philippines… actually its looking like the Philippines is going to be our first one,” White revealed, although he did not provide a timeline.

He was also asked about the UFC’s decision not to stage a show in the UK in the first quarter of this year, which had been thought to be a certainty at one point. The UK has not had many live events recently.

“Its still a work in progress. We will get it down to where there are more consistent fights coming to the UK. But we will be there this year, and more than once. You know how many people want to kill me in Ireland because I keep saying we’re going to go back to Ireland and we haven’t?” White said.

“But I am happy. I love the fact that these guys are so pumped and excited about it. Its awesome.”




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