Randy “The Natural” Couture: “Vitor is going to win”

By Shawn Krest

“That’s going to be a fantastic fight,” Couture said. “Obviously, Anderson Silva has been pretty impressive the last couple years, but I think he’s got his hands full with Vitor. I think Vitor can pull this off. He’s going to win.”

Randy Couture has been in rough spots before, but nothing like this. The former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion was about as far from the octagon as it’s possible to be, straddling a mechanical bull while NFL All Pros worked the controls.

Couture was in Dallas for a Reebok-sponsored Super Bowl event. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco gave the crowd a demo of the latest model cross trainer, running on a treadmill to power the mechanical bull in the center of the room.

Couture managed to ride the bull for close to half a minute before finally being bucked off and landing flat on his back. He was in no condition to look for a leg triangle, however.

“You didn’t tell me to wear a cup,” Couture complained to seven-time rodeo champion Ty Murray, who was helping MC the event.

Couture was happy to help out a sponsor during Super Bowl week, but he wasn’t going to stick around for the game.


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