The Axe Murderer Breaks Down Anderson vs Belfort

By Eduardo Cruz

Wanderlei Silva is a natural person to breakdown the UFC 126 main event between his former team mate Anderson Silva and former adversary Vitor Belfort. Speaking in his gym, “The Axe Murderer” told UOL what he expects from the match-up.

“It’s a big fight. Perhaps Vitor is the hardest opponent for Anderson. I think this is a very interesting fight. It is important to mention, for instance, that we’re here in [Las] Vegas with this structure and all and yet in the main event there are two Brazilians! That will show the force we have inside this sport, something that has now been more recognized in Brazil.

“We are with a bigger exposure in the media and for us this is very important to get more followers and not to lose the status of the country that created the most champions, and the country that creates some of the best athletes in the world. I think that this support from the media that we have been getting is very good.”

Regarding the fight which headlines UFC 126 he commented, “I think this will be a non-stop fight of five rounds and Belfort may get a strategy of giving caution, so we will see who will open the game first, who will start it up. And in a fight, what is fun is that anything might happen!

Fighting definitely is not an exact science and sometimes surprising things happen. This is what we wait to happen on Saturday night – that both of them provide us a great fight. But it is hard to say this or that will happen. That’s unforeseeable. I think it’s 50-50.


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