Top 5 Reasons Nick Diaz Would Be Successful As a Professional Boxer

By Oliver Saenz

Everything is pure rumor and speculation at this point, but one of the more-popular and most-repeated rumors currently hovering around Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz is that Diaz is entertaining the idea of making his debut as a professional boxer. There’s already been some interesting debate on the subject, but for my money, I think Diaz would make the most out of this brief boxing excursion, if it ever happens, and get a solid win-streak going. Don’t believe me? Here are my top 5 reasons why Nick Diaz would be a successful pro boxer.

5. Stamina
To his credit, Diaz is rightfully known as a finisher, with twenty of his twenty-four wins coming by way of (T)KO or submission. But Diaz has also been the distance four times in his career, including a recent fight with KJ Noons that saw Diaz take a five-round Unanimous Decision. Throughout that fight with Noons, Diaz showed remarkable cardio and stamina while constantly staying active and constantly landing punches. Diaz could easily go twelve three-minute rounds and remain lethal each and every round, which you unfortunately can’t say for most pro boxers nowadays.

4. Elusiveness
Many boxing pundits love to point out how “MMA boxing” and the sweet science are vastly different, and let’s be honest, that argument does hold at least a modicum of merit. But the fact remains that Diaz is an incredibly elusive striker, and a very dangerous counter-puncher. He’s great at positioning his body in order to absorb a minimal amount of damage, and many times an opponent will try to hit Diaz and he’ll have dodged the strike completely. And that’s an invaluable tool to have no matter what striking-based sport you compete in.


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