UFC 126: Ricardo Romero’s Secret Weapon… Wall Street

By Brian Logez-Benchimol

Life in mixed martial arts hasn’t been so easy for Ricardo Romero.

The former Ring of Combat light heavyweight champion made a successful UFC debut last July, but not without a price. While picking up the biggest win of his career, a second-round submission over “T​he Ultimate Fighter” veteran Seth Petruzelli at UFC 116, Romero also sustained a nasty broken jaw for his efforts in surviving an early barrage.

Romero became “metal mouth” over the course of nearly two months following his win, having his jaw wired shut for the rehabilitation process. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly fun.

“Getting the whole thing wired shut, the whole six weeks. I was itching to get it off I should say,” said the New Jersey native, who was recently a guest on the MMAWeekly Radio Show.

“When they took the wires off, I thought my mouth sprung open like a mouse trap, and it hurt so much. My mouth barely opened two millimeters.

“Getting acclimated to eating again was the hardest part. It took about two weeks to get used to eating again. Yeah, it wasn’t fun.”


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