Why is Dana White trying to force GSP to abandon his title and fight in another weight class?

By EvilMaster

So, I’m just sitting here going over all the latest news and rantings following last night’s UFC 126 event. Reading through dozens upon dozens of stories all saying the same thing from dozens upon dozens of sites. “Anderson’s kick blah blah blah”  or “Jon Jones is a phenom” or “Steven Seagal taught Anderson that shit blah blah blah” on a hunt for interesting content to add to EvilMasterReport.com…It’s always the same, so I guess I am used to it. But I keep coming back to some of the things that Dana White has been saying about Georges St Pierre. He is going around acting like Georges wants this fight with Anderson. Why??

I’ve been around this sport since it all started, WAY longer than Dana and the Fertitta’s. I follow things very closely, and don’t miss much.  One thing is for sure, I have NEVER heard Georges St Pierre call out Anderson Silva. The only thing Georges has ever said about that fight when asked is, “I would need at least 8 months to a year in order to bulk up the right way, and “IF” I did that, I would need to stay at 185 because jumping around in weight is not good”. He never said “Oh yeah, I want to fight Anderson”. Or anything of the sort. But yet Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta have been going around trying to put public pressure on Georges by acting like the fight is a done deal. Trying to drum up public support for a fight that doesn’t even make sense.

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Rashad Evans throws his support behind Jon Jones

Speaking via twitter, here is what Rashad had to say…

“Hey my ppl! Last night most of u heard the news. If not, here is the latest. I have 2 pull out of my Shogun fight because of injury. I severely sprained my MCL in practice. While in practice I got blindsided by another group of partners right into the side of my knee like football lineman style.. Since I’m hurt my teammate young phenom Bones Jones is gonna step in 4 me! I’m gonna recover & then see what happens next 4 me! Thank all u 4 the encouragement! I love my supports & my haters! Go get that belt brudda Jones!”

Rashad Evans

Why Anderson Silva Shouldn’t Fight Georges St. Pierre Next

By Darren Wong

Following Anderson Silva‘s spectacular first round knockout over Vitor Belfort at UFC 126, the focus has already shifted to the expected matchup between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. Dana White has said that St. Pierre will be next for Silva if St. Pierre can get through Jake Shields.

Despite the obvious upside of the potential superfight, the timing just doesn’t make sense as Silva’s next fight.

St. Pierre’s UFC 129 fight with Jake Shields is still nearly three months away. Assuming that he wins, St. Pierre has already said that he would need about eight months to gain the weight necessary to compete at middleweight.

Given that timetable, the proposed Silva vs. St. Pierre bout should happen somewhere in December of this year. That schedule would leave Anderson Silva out of action for ten or eleven months.

On the other hand, the UFC could ask St. Pierre to let go of his desire to have eight months of preparation time. But given that the title of “greatest MMA fighter of all time” is at stake, it hardly seems fair to thrus St. Pierre in that position with anything but the best preparation possible.

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Jake Shields Plans to Spoil Everyone’s Plans for St-Pierre vs. Silva

By Damon Martin

Remember back in 2008 when the New England Patriots were on their way to the first undefeated season in the NFL since the legendary 1972 Miami Dolphins team, and the New York Giants decided to spoil their party?

Well now you know how Jake Shields feels going into possibly the biggest fight of his career at UFC 129 in Toronto when he faces Georges St-Pierre.

Following Anderson Silva’s face kicking knockout of Vitor Belfort at UFC 126, the fight on everyone’s mind was Silva vs. GSP. While it’s been a dream fight for a long time, Shields is still a very big obstacle standing in the way of that bout ever coming to reality.

“I’ve been saying this fight is all just a dream fight right now. And everybody keeps acting like he’s going to get past (Jake) Shields. I think Jake Shields loves that (expletive),” UFC President Dana White pointed out when speaking about GSP vs. Silva. “Jake Shields has been a low key guy his entire career and a lot of people don’t realize what a record this kid has.


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UFC eyeing Cowboys Stadium for Anderson Silva-George St-Pierre Megafight

By Ben Rebstock

NBA All-Star Game…check.

Two Manny Pacquiao fights…check.

Super Bowl…check.

Could a UFC mega fight be the next big thing to go down at Cowboys Stadium?

After knocking out Vitor Belfort (19-9) Saturday night with a devastating front kick to defend his UFC Middleweight championship in Las Vegas, Anderson Silva (28-4) has moved one step closer to a dream matchup with UFC Welterweight Champion George St-Pierre. And UFC President Dana White knows just where that fight should take place.

“If there was ever a fight we’re going to do at Dallas Texas Stadium, this would be the fight,” White told MMAWeekly.com Saturday Night after UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort. “When I saw that stadium I said ‘we can definitely do this’. It’s a great atmosphere down there for a fight.”

While White has time to get the name of the stadium right before promoting the fight, Cowboys Stadium has already twice been configured for 80,000 seats to hold a major fighting event. In March, Pacquiao defeated Joshua Clotty in front of 50,994 to retain his WBO welterweight title. Pacquiao followed that up with a win over Antonio Margaritto before 41,734. If one of boxings all-time biggest draws could only come within 29,000 seats of capacity to Cowboys Stadium, it is going to take one of the biggest fights in the history of MMA to pull off a sellout.

Silva vs. St-Pierre is just that fight.


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Dana White Feels Bad For Yushin Okami, Believes He Deserves Title Shot

By Eric Fontanez

Yushin Okami just can’t seem to catch a break. After defeating Nate Marquardt back in November of last year, Okami set himself up to be the next challenger to Anderson Silva’s middleweight title.

But after the events of UFC 126, UFC president, Dana White, made it clear that if Georges St. Pierre gets passed Jake Shields at UFC 129 in Toronto, then the 170-pound UFC champ will contend Anderson Silva in a “super fight.” Evidently, Okami will have to wait it out a bit and let GSP fight for the title first.

After the evening of fights, White explained how he feels bad for Okami, but he still sees the Japanese fighter as one of the best in the world in his weight class.

“I feel bad about it too,” he said after the post fight press conference. “At the 185lb division right now, (Yushin) Okami got hurt and couldn’t get that fight, and now he’s been waiting forever, and Okami does deserve that fight. I think Okami’s one of the best 85lber’s in the world.

“I have a lot of respect for him and he’s going to get that title shot he’s been waiting for.”


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Rashad Evans in Limbo After Injury Knocks Him Out of Title Fight

By Mike Chiappetta

LAS VEGAS — Lady luck was nowhere to be found for Rashad Evans in this gambling town. Evans came looking for good news, and left with his golden opportunity gone.

After a second medical evaluation confirmed a knee ligament injury, Evans was forced out of his long-awaited March light-heavyweight championship matchup with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. He’ll be replaced by his teammate Jon Jones, who rode the momentum of a UFC 126 submission win over Ryan Bader to a sudden title shot.

The win takes Evans from on the cusp of a championship to no man’s land.

UFC president Dana White said Evans won’t be guaranteed a title shot or kept as the No. 1 contender as he works his way back from injury. Evans will be sidelined for 6-8 weeks and in a brace as he rehabs.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with that now,” White said. “I feel bad about it, too. Look at the 185-pound division. [Yushin] Okami got hurt and couldn’t get that fight [against Anderson Sivla] and now he’s been waiting forever.”

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