Why Anderson Silva Shouldn’t Fight Georges St. Pierre Next

By Darren Wong

Following Anderson Silva‘s spectacular first round knockout over Vitor Belfort at UFC 126, the focus has already shifted to the expected matchup between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. Dana White has said that St. Pierre will be next for Silva if St. Pierre can get through Jake Shields.

Despite the obvious upside of the potential superfight, the timing just doesn’t make sense as Silva’s next fight.

St. Pierre’s UFC 129 fight with Jake Shields is still nearly three months away. Assuming that he wins, St. Pierre has already said that he would need about eight months to gain the weight necessary to compete at middleweight.

Given that timetable, the proposed Silva vs. St. Pierre bout should happen somewhere in December of this year. That schedule would leave Anderson Silva out of action for ten or eleven months.

On the other hand, the UFC could ask St. Pierre to let go of his desire to have eight months of preparation time. But given that the title of “greatest MMA fighter of all time” is at stake, it hardly seems fair to thrus St. Pierre in that position with anything but the best preparation possible.

On top of that, this whole arrangement isn’t very fair to Yushin Okami, who has already been sitting out of action for two months just waiting for his promised title shot to become official.

Fortunately, there is a prefectly adequate solution: Silva should be fighting Okami this summer, and if Silva wins, he fights St. Pierre in December.

This timetable gives Okami his promised title shot, keeps Silva in action, and gives St. Pierre an appropriate amount of time to prepare for the biggest fight in MMA history.

There is only one reason why I can see the UFC preferring to have the Silva vs. St. Pierre fight now: After Silva’s spectacular stoppage of Belfort, the only way the build-up is going to get any bigger is if St. Pierre knocks out Jake Shields with a spinning back kick.

Still, I think the UFC should take the small risk involved in giving Okami his title shot, and St. Pierre the appropriate time to move up in weight.

Once again:

Silva should be kept in action.

St. Pierre deserves the time.

Okami deserves the title shot.

Let St. Pierre and Silva finally stand face to face after the match-up is announced. But not after UFC 129 in Toronto. Announce it this summer in Rio.



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