Why is Dana White trying to force GSP to abandon his title and fight in another weight class?

By EvilMaster

So, I’m just sitting here going over all the latest news and rantings following last night’s UFC 126 event. Reading through dozens upon dozens of stories all saying the same thing from dozens upon dozens of sites. “Anderson’s kick blah blah blah”  or “Jon Jones is a phenom” or “Steven Seagal taught Anderson that shit blah blah blah” on a hunt for interesting content to add to EvilMasterReport.com…It’s always the same, so I guess I am used to it. But I keep coming back to some of the things that Dana White has been saying about Georges St Pierre. He is going around acting like Georges wants this fight with Anderson. Why??

I’ve been around this sport since it all started, WAY longer than Dana and the Fertitta’s. I follow things very closely, and don’t miss much.  One thing is for sure, I have NEVER heard Georges St Pierre call out Anderson Silva. The only thing Georges has ever said about that fight when asked is, “I would need at least 8 months to a year in order to bulk up the right way, and “IF” I did that, I would need to stay at 185 because jumping around in weight is not good”. He never said “Oh yeah, I want to fight Anderson”. Or anything of the sort. But yet Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta have been going around trying to put public pressure on Georges by acting like the fight is a done deal. Trying to drum up public support for a fight that doesn’t even make sense.

I’ve talked to many casual and hardcore MMA fans, and they all say basically the same thing about this fight….”I would watch it, but I don’t understand it”…

So what’s the deal here?? Why should GSP give up his belt and move up in weight to fight Anderson Silva?? We have weight classes in this sport for a reason. Georges is at the right weight class for his frame. His body is fine tuned like a fine Italian sports car for his weight class. If he moves up, he will lose his explosive speed. If he moves down, he will lose power. He’s fighting exactly where he should be fighting with a perfect balance of speed and power that has made him the great champion that he is.

Meanwhile, Anderson is fighting in a weight class under where he should be. His frame is obviously more suited for light heavyweight, he even walks around well over 220 pounds when not fighting. While Georges walks around at around 180-185lb. That’s a 40 pound difference!!

Why does Anderson want to fight smaller guys?? Is he worried that if he goes up to LHW, that he won’t be as dominant? Is he afraid to face the likes of Shogun Rua or Randy Couture or Rashad Evans or Rampage or even the new kid on the block Jon Jones? Is that what the problem is?

Or does Dana have a problem with Georges St Pierre being a champion?  Because, this fight wouldn’t even be fair. Anderson towers over Georges. And when you have two relatively equal skill-wise fighters. What usually happens is the bigger, stronger fighter will win. That’s just how it is going back to the time of Roman Gladiators. It’s just common sense.

If Dana is upset that Georges has cleaned out his weight class. Well, that is NOT Georges’ fault. That is 100% the fault of the promoters. Which of course would be Dana White and the UFC. It is the promoters job to seek-out and attain suitable opponents for their champions. So if Georges has cleaned out his weight class and needs an opponent, that’s Dana’s fault.

In an interview last night following the UFC 126 post fight presser, Dana had this to say about Georges having to give up his belt when asked why he allowed BJ Penn to keep his belt when he moved up to face Georges.

“Back then we were doing a lot less fights. You end up clogging up the division holding onto that belt and fighting superfights. So it makes sense for him to go to ’85.”

Back then?? That was a year ago!

So he is basically demanding, that Georges St Pierre. Who is one of the world’s top pound for pound MMA fighters. Who is a champion in his weight class. Has to give up his belt and move up in weight to face a guy who out weighs him by like 40+ pounds and is pretty much his equal skill wise. Just because Dana and Joe Silva can’t find anybody else to fight Georges?

That’s just nonsense.

Georges St Pierre, should demand at least 2 million dollars to take that fight. He should also demand a full year off with fully paid training and expenses to properly gain the muscle mass he would need to be competitive in a weight class that is heavier than his walking around weight is now. He should also demand that he keeps his belt. He should also demand a huge cut of the PPV proceeds and a new multi fight contract be drawn up effectively doubling his purse for all future matchups whether he wins or loses.  And if not given everything he asks, he should turn down that fight. Because it simply doesn’t make any sense for him to take it.

And why Anderson Silva even wants to fight smaller guys, is a whole other question.

– Evil


4 Responses

  1. I agree 100%. This fight is just Dana trying to make money for Dana.

  2. Great article em. I agree with everything you said, this fight doesn’t make any sense at all.

  3. Anderson should fight Shogun!

  4. Consider for a minute that GSP is putting on weight that is natural as you get older. He likely was always planning on moving to MW when his weight demanded it. It seems to me that he has probably been gaining the weight already and has increased his cuts starting with the Alves fight back when all this talk started. GSP is not the kind of guy that will take a full year off competition just so he can move weight classes. Not only would that hurt his legacy, it would eat up a significant percentage of his fighting career. Think about it…if he fights for 15 years, 12 months represents about 7% of his career in which he would normally fight 3 times making a couple million a showing. Does this sound like something you would do? No.

    More likely, GSP has been quietly gaining lean muscle mass for the past two years in anticipation of his move up. It will be the same when Jon Jones gets to be 28-30. Bones is destined for the HW division sooner or later.

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