Alistair Overeem comments on the heavyweight grand prix

By Michael Pepper

Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem sat down for an EXCLUSIVE interview with MMABay this past week about a multitude of issues, including the promotions heavyweight grand prix, his upcoming fight with Fabricio Werdum and reportedly ducking Fedor Emelianenko. You’ll have to wait for the interview in full but here are the best bits…

When asked for his opinion on the historic heavyweight grand prix, Overeem said:

“It’s great news for the MMA fans and it’s great to see the heavyweight roster unfold like this. There were a lot of people saying that Strikeforce couldn’t make fights happen ect. But with this power move they show that 2011 will be a special year for MMA fans around the world. I’ve always said that in the heavyweight division Strikeforce is on par with the UFC, I even want to go this far and say that Strikeforce has the best heavyweight division in the world!”

We then asked “The Demolition Man” about his upcoming fight with Fabricio Werdum a fight he feels will go a long way in setting the record straight between the two men.

“I wanted to fight Werdum from the moment he defeated Fedor. It’s not important to avenge my loss it’s important to show the world that I’m the best fighter in the world. So I challenge myself against the contender and that’s Werdum. He can predict all he wants but I know the outcome will be different.”


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