Don’t sleep on “Bigfoot” against Fedor


Despite a 15-2 professional record, with 10 knockouts, three submissions and notable wins over Mike Kyle, Andrei Arlovski, Justin Eilers, Ricco Rodriguez and others, there are not many people giving Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva a chance against Fedor Emelianenko (31-2, 1 NC) this weekend in the opening round of the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament. The odds are currently set at -525 for Fedor and +325 for Silva. spoke with Silva’s manager, Alex Davis, this past week to get his thoughts on the match-up and why he feels so few people are giving his fighter a chance to win. He began by comparing Fedor’s fights against Werdum and Arlovski to the fights Silva had with them. And he always refers to Antonio Silva as “Junior”.

“If we take a logical look at it, think about it. With Werdum, Junior almost killed Werdum and lost by very very close difference. Some people even say he won. Okay. Werdum submitted Fedor,” explained Davis.

“Arlovski was getting the upper hand with the boxing in the match with Fedor before he tried to do that stupid flying knee and got caught with that counter straight. So to say that Fedor is going to run over Junior and is going to do this and do that, it’s just unrealistic. It’s just completely unrealistic.”

Davis is not blind to Fedor’s skills, and realizes coming off a loss he will be extra motivated. He also knows the capabilities of his fighter.

“Fedor is a great fighter. We all have great respect for him,” said Davis. “He is coming out hungry which is going to make for a very dangerous Fedor, but Junior is no slouch. And to say that, ‘Aw well Fedor is just going to run him over,’ well that’s just unrealistic. … To say that Junior doesn’t have a chance is a bit far-fetched.”


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