Six weeks to glory for Jon Jones?

By Fighters Only

Jon Jones has six weeks to prepare for a surprise light-heavyweight title fight with Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua. The Team Jackson fighter found out moments after his win over Ryan Bader that he would be filling in for an injured Rashad Evans to take a crack at the title.

Is it going to be long enough? Jones told Telegraph writer Gareth A Davies that it is.

“Definitely. I normally only do six to eight weeks in training camp, this time I’m starting my training camp with a six-pack and a full tank of gas, so I can just get right into this. Maybe I’ll have a glass of wine at my after-party, and toast the team around me. Outside of that, it is back to the drawing board.”

“It has come very quickly. But I really want to go on to be an ambassador in this sport and be remembered for more than just my fighting techniques.”

As if to elaborate on that and underline the clean-cut image which makes him a potential ambassador, Jones’ in-cage post-fight interview consisted much of thanking God for his win over Bader and subsequent title shot.


“I got a tattoo on my chest – ‘all things are possible through Christ’. I feel confident every time I come through here… God is so good,” he said.

“I’ll be going to an after party but before the sun comes up I’ll have watched a highlight reel of Shogun and at least one of his fights. I never expected my chance to come so quickly, but such is the power of faith. It is all down to hard work.”

He continued in that vein during a follow-on interview with Ariel Helwani. “My heart is racing but its just [because of] God, man. God is just so good. Its just me being excited and realising the power that God has.

“When he wants to do something good for you, he will.”



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