St-Pierre Says He’s Ready to Walk Away From UFC

By Matt Loede

One of the great UFC fighters is talking about walking away. The current UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges St-Pierre said that he is ready to retire once he’s considered the sport’s pound for pound king, a title Anderson Silva currently holds.

Although this is stunning, St-Pierre said he’s not quite to the top of the heap yet. Usually money is the primary factor but this isn’t GSP’s primary concern, he wants to go out on his own terms his own way. “People are going to be shocked,” GSP stated of his plan for retirement.

Georges St-Pierre is currently 20-2 in MMA betting and 15-2 in the UFC, and has redeemed those two losses as well. GSP is next scheduled to face Jake Shields at UFC 129 in April in St. Pierre’s native Canada.

“Growing up in my career, I always fix my goals very high,” GSP said. “And every time I achieve one of my [goals], I fix another goal to reach. It’s important as a martial artist [never to be] satisfied because otherwise there is no point to keep doing what you’re doing.” As to what GSP has remaining on his to do list, there are actually a few.

St-Pierre has reached what he originally set out to do, become a professional fighter, get to the UFC, and become a UFC champion. The one goal he is yet to achieve is being considered the best fighter in the world pound for pound? That’s the one goal he personally feels he hasn’t attained yet. St. Pierre recently tied former UFC champion Matt Hughes’ five consecutive successful title defenses record when he decimated Josh Koscheck.



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