Steven Seagal: Anderson Silva and Inventing “The Kick” Heard Round The World

By Guerrilla Fight

Steven Seagal mania seems to have broken out all over MMA-ville with the revelation that Anderson Silva’s high kick used to stop Vitor Belfort in devastating fashion on at UFC 126 was actually a secret weapon devised by the quasi-Buddha, movie star and martial artist, Steven Segal. The drama that is unfolding around the revelation on the MMA interweb is enough to make Bas Rutten roll over in his grave (if we weren’t fortunate enough to have Bas still with us).

The whole uproar is enough to simultaneously make an MMA die-hard nauseous and dumbfounded, yet strangely curious about the whole affair. The nausea comes from MMA purist-mentality, in a similar manner that Brock Lesnar’s WWE history originally infuriated many old-school fans (and still irks many).

Let’s set the stage for those of you who live under a rock and did not hear about “THE KICK.” This came just a few weeks after Anthony Pettis dropped everyone’s jaw with the single most incredible kick we have ever seen in an MMA competition, running off the cage and landing a near knockout on Ben Henderson with a soccer kick to the head.

Considering that most experts agreed this was the most astonishing kick ever successfully executed in pro MMA (the modern era of which is now nearly 20 years old), and that we, the faithful, received a possibly greater example of foot warfare so soon after the bar was set, is really remarkable.

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