Size will play major factor in potential Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre bout

By Jamie Penick

The much hyped potential super-fight between welterweight king Georges St Pierre and his middleweight counterpart Anderson Silva took a quantum leap towards fruition this past Saturday at UFC 126 in Las Vegas.

UFC President Dana White had gone on record saying that if Silva was able to defeat the dangerous Vitor Belfort then all that stands in the way of this mega-fight is St. Pierre’s next opponent in former Strikeforce champ Jake Shields.

St. Pierre will aim to successfully defend his strap once more when he and Shields clash at UFC 129 knowing that a showdown with Silva, to decide once and for all who is pound for pound best, is at stake.

Despite this mouth watering clash looking more and more a reality, the events that unfolded at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre do leave one or two question marks over the bout.

When the Ultimate Fighting Championship first began it attracted competitors from all walks of life. One man who defines those early days is the legendary Hall Of Famer Royce Gracie.

Gracie, who stands around 5′ 9″ was able to use his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skill and technique, which at the time felt like a secret, to defeat all comers as he won the first two tournaments. Gracie proved the point that when you possess such a high level of skill then physical size becomes a minor hurdle that, quite simply, doesn’t matter.

However, when two men fight that posses the immense skill that both St. Pierre and Silva do, then the physical aspect of their competition does come into play.

An example of that was seen at Saturday’s UFC 126 in the light heavy-weight division, as Jon Jones was able to completely dominate another rising star in Ryan Bader as he made the much hyped wrestler look average, at best. With a significant height and reach advantage, this was a prime example of size coupled with skill being virtually impossible to compete against.

Should Anderson Silva and George St. Pierre finally do battle for the title of “Pound For Pound Best” it is looking increasingly likely that it will be scheduled for Silva’s 185 lb. title rather than at a catch-weight in the spirit of the occasion.

If the bout is indeed scheduled at middleweight, then the balance of favour will tip significantly towards Silva In what would be a career defining moment for the victor.

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