Emelianenko looks forward to Strikeforce tourney

By Sergio Non

A loss hasn’t kept Fedor “The Last EmperorEmelianenko from dominating the conversation about Strikeforce‘s heavyweight tournament.

The promotion gives him the central spot in its promotional posters, with more prominence than the man who beat him in June, Fabricio Werdum, or Strikeforce’s champion, Alistair Overeem. Sports books rate Emelianenko the most likely to advance out of the first round despite the fact that he’s facing the largest physical specimen in the tournament, Antonio “BigfootSilva. News outlets line up to talk to Emelianenko, though it requires a translator.

One of those was USA TODAY, which spoke to Emelianenko on Monday, five days before the Strikeforce World Grand Prix starts. Excerpts from the interview:

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has said you wanted to get back into action as soon as possible. Why the eagerness?

Emelianenko: First of all, I wanted to start performing as fast as possible. I’m not against tournaments. I usually like such tournaments. I used to participate in such tournaments before.

How would you describe Silva as a fighter?

He’s very big, very strong. He has a very strong knockout punch.

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