Vitor Belfort exclusive: “I’ll get my chance again”

By Guilherme Cruz

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Vitor Belfort had the chance to return to the top of the world against Anderson Silva, but the champion stopped his plans with a front kick. After the fight, Belfort spoke with TATAME and analyzed his performance, praising Anderson’s techniques and promising he’ll return stronger. “I’ll get my chance again,” said Belfort, who revealed plans to fight one time before UFC Rio, in August.

He had used that kick on the opened training and against Dan Henderson… Did you had prepared yourself for that kind of kick or were you caught by surprise?

Look, that kind of kick is very hard to catch, it’s also hard to fit it too, but he did it. He can use this kick, but the way he did is pretty difficult to, but he did it. I believe you only get lucky if you train. He trained and got lucky. But I think it’s something that if he tried to do in ten fights he would only be succeeded once (laughs). He deserved it. I was doing fine on the fight, I was winning it, but I wasn’t lucky to fit that punch, I missed it, that punch on the ground was really powerful. If it hits him… But it didn’t and his kick hit me hard, it was his night, I can’t help it. Everything I promised to do, I did. I didn’t get the win, but it’s part of the sport. I’ll get my chance. We’ll work now so I get it the next time.

You were doing fine after the initial study. Was the game plan to feel how he’d come on the beginning of the fight and then go for it?

The game plan was exactly that because I trust my exchange. I knew that it was the thing he’d bring that would be more dangerous, his legs, and he used them, his kicks… The fight didn’t develop a lot, right? When I noticed it, when it had really started, I was winning but when I stopped, for just one second, it cost me the fight. It was his night.


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