Wanderlei Silva: “I can’t wait to return to the fights”

By Eduardo Ferreira

Former Pride middleweight champion, Wanderlei Silva return to training after a knee surgery and is anxious to return to the octagon. In exclusive interview to TATAME TV, “The Axe Murderer” hasn’t confirmed the fight against Brian Stann, but joked about the challenges fighters like Leben, Sonnen, Belcher and Marquardt made while he was out. “I’d like to say that you have to stop asking to fight me because I think I’m busy for about two years, 2011 and 2012 are full. Whoever wants to face me will have to wait until 2013”, Silva said, talking about Shogun Rua’s next fight, revealing that his protégé Vitor Vianna will fight ormer UFC champion Kevin Randleman, and more:

How are things in Las Vegas?
It’s great. The guys are really great, I’d like to congratulate him, the event had a good organization, there are some of my students competing today, and I could only come to the sparring training of my team today, I’m doing all movements and I’m working hard to see if I return soon. I’m anxious and waiting for things to happen and I can’t wait to return to the fights.

Are you 100% good?
My surgery was done a long time and I’m recovered, I’m doing a good strengthen work, working my stretching too, I’m doing everything so I can develop all my moves on a safety way so I don’t get injured again. It really isn’t nice having to go through a surgery each fight I do (laughs). I’m always returning, it’s always like that. All this thing of recovering and doing things all over again strengthen my way of fighting, I have an unusual way of fighting and I’m realizing it now. These 20 years of fight I have on my back are reflecting now, I’m doing a full repairman and I’ll comeback better.

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