Kenny Florian: Reason for Featherweight Drop Is a Shot at Jose Aldo in Brazil

By Trent Reinsmith

Earlier this week, Kenny Florian confirmed the rumors that he was going to drop to the Featherweight division. On Wednesday, February 9th the true reason for the drop form the 155 pound weightclass to 145 was revealed by Florian’s manager.

“We went down to 45 because that fight with Aldo was one that stuck in my head, and I’m just like Dana White, I want to make the biggest and the best fights that I possibly can, and I’m thinking Kenny Florian vs. Jose Aldo one day, I think that’s a pretty big fight,” Malki Kawa told

The Florian versus Aldo fight was offered at 155 pounds back in October of last year. Dana White confirmed the fight offer on “The Fight Fix” last year, “That is true,” White said. “Here’s the thing, Jose Aldo’s been talking about moving up to 155 pounds. Well, we had a slot and said, ‘alright, you want to move up to 155 pounds?’ and he said, ‘ah yeah, never mind.’”

Aldo instead elected to stay at 145 to retain and defend his World Extreme Cagefighting Featherweight title. Since that time the WEC has merged with the UFC and Aldo is now the UFC Featherweight champion.

Florian’s manager said that he will be ready to fight in June and would like, “A top contender. Whoever the No. 1 contender is at that point is the guy I’d like to get,” Kawa offered. “What would be my ideal situation for me is for him to get a fight in June, whoever the No. 1 contender is, win that fight, and then hopefully set something up for Brazil with (Jose) Aldo if the UFC’s up for it.”


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