UFC ready to make all main events five-round wars


President Dana White has confirmed the UFC is planning to make all future main events five-round encounters.

Currently only title fights are contested over five rounds, with all other bouts restricted to three. However, it appears imminent plans are in place to make the main event at all UFC events a 25-minute encounter.

As White acknowledged, many past events have seen classic battles ended prematurely due to the three-round format, with the likes of Rich Franklin v Wanderlei Silva (UFC 99) and Randy Couture v Antonio Nogueira (102) both leaving the fans wanting more, while Rampage Jackson v Rashad Evans (UFC 114) and Thiago Silva v Rashad Evans (UFC 108) both stopped as the fights were truly getting started.

“We’ve talked about that before,” confessed White. “There’s been fights that we’ve been watching that are three-round fights, and we were thinking, ‘Damn, this should have been a five-round fight. It’s the main event, it should have been five’.

“We could do it. We could make a main event a five-round fight. We’re probably going to start doing that.”




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