Jon Fitch preparing to become a legend

By Jason Benfari

Long regarded as the UFC‘s best welterweight not named Georges St. Pierre, Jon Fitch wants more. Since being shutout in a loss to current UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, Fitch has reeled off five straight victories, including dominant performances over Paulo Thiago, Ben Saunders and Thiago Alves.

Fitch (23-3) wants to be a legend, but in order to do so, he believes he must beat one. Something that in his mind is already a foregone conclusion.

“I’m going to beat B.J. Penn,” said Fitch. “The question is, can I can finish B.J. Penn. I want to become a legend and the only way to become a legend is to beat a legend, and B.J.’s definitely a legend.

Fitch clearly understands the unique tools that Penn brings to the fight, but chooses instead to focus on himself.

“I’m not going to spend my time worring about what B.J.’s going to do,” Fitch said. “I’m going to spend my time focusing on what I need to get done to win the fight. I can’t rely on just being stronger than him and expect to push him around the ring. You’re in for non-stop action. No matter where I take the fight I’m constantly looking to finish, I’m constantly throwing punches, I’m constantly throwing elbows. I literally want to make my opponent feel like I put him through a meat-grinder.


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