Josh Barnett: Strikeforce Grand Prix Will be ‘Total Earth-Shaker’ in MMA

By Mike Chiappetta

NEW YORKJosh Barnett has made it very clear that he doesn’t care about titles or fanfare or even the public perception of him, and he’s just as adamant that performance should stand on its own merits. In other words, forget about what’s come before today, and focus on what stands in front of you now.

As such, he wants fans to put aside existing thoughts or preconceptions about the UFC/Strikeforce rivalry and see the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix for what it is.

Flanked by the seven other tournament fighters at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, Barnett demanded the MMA world’s attention.

“If someone’s just going to say, ‘If it’s not the UFC, then it’s not as good,’ then you’re really sort of s—— on all that we’re doing here,” Barnett said. “So I just want everybody to look at it from a completely objective standpoint for what it is, for what we bring to the table, and for what we’re going to accomplish.”

During a Wednesday press conference, Barnett took the reigns as the unofficial fighters’ spokesman, expounding on the tourney’s purpose, its participants and its ultimate affect on the world of MMA at large.

“Everyone’s going to view this differently,” he said. “Everyone’s going to filter it through their own lens. For sure, this is going to be significant. I think that it’s the greatest collection of heavyweights. But it’s not just a paper thing. Everyone here has walked the walk before. Most of the guys in here have held titles of some sort.”


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