Origins And Legacies With Jose Aldo

By Steven Kelliher

UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo recently spoke with Tapology’s Steven Kelliher to explore his beginnings in MMA and his hope of leaving a legacy behind.

Aldo’s life may not have been privileged growing up in Manaus, Brazil, but it was not devoid of happiness.

“My family was very humble and hard working; my father [was] a stonemason and my mother worked in the factories,” Aldo said. “I spent most days going to school and playing soccer on the streets in my neighborhood.”

Eventually, however, soccer would not be enough to quench Aldo’s competitive nature. Instead, he channeled his energies into his new-found passion: the martial arts of his native country.

“I started training capoeira and eventually got invited to train Jiu Jitsu by a neighbor who taught classes,” Aldo said. “At first I really liked the soft dojo; it was a great place to practice my capoeira moves without getting hurt on the asphalt, but I got more into Jiu Jitsu and began training harder. I think that sports, including martial arts, give you a lot of discipline and heart that you carry through life.”


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