Bisping – “There’s only one person who’s going to be laughing on the night and that’s me”

By Adam Williamson

Michael Bisping has reacted furiously to a YouTube video posted by Jorge Rivera, the Manchester middleweight’s next opponent, branding the clip as “pathetic garbage”.

The footage in question has been racking up the views ever since it landed on the video-sharing site on Wednesday. Shot in the manner of a UFC ‘Countdown’ show, the video (that can be viewed below) doesn’t pull any punches in mocking everything from Bisping’s (pictured) accent to an apparent propensity to talk in the third person.

Maybe it was the video or otherwise, but there was no ‘Michael Bisping does this’ or ‘Michael Bisping does that’ when The Independent caught up with Britain’s leading mixed martial artist earlier today.

Failing to see the funny side of the video, Bisping reacted angrily, “Rivera’s a [expletive] dork and there’s only one person who’s going to be laughing on the night and that’s me.

“He can try and make himself relevant by talking [expletive] and doing stupid videos. I make myself relevant by constantly fighting the best in the world in main events and co-main events for the UFC.”


Bisping also doubted how much of the video – which he conceded was cleverly made – was really the work of his American foe, “Obviously Jorge hasn’t written any of that himself because the guy hasn’t got two brain cells to rub together. I doubt he can even read. Looking at him, I don’t imagine he spent too much time in school.”

Now drawn into talking some trash of his own, Bisping continued, “The guy’s 38 years old. You’d think he’d grow up and mature. He’s going on like a childish teenager. It’s all pathetic garbage. He should spend less time making videos and more time in the gym.”

Packed and ready to fly out to Sydney where this heated clash will take place in two weeks time, Bisping vows to remain focused ahead of the action inside the Octagon at UFC 127, “I’ll leave him to his stupid games but believe me, I’m training to kick his [expletive] ass.”

A full interview with Michael Bisping will be posted next week. Bisping’s training blog can be found at


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