Bisping almost forced to pull out of Rivera battle


Michael Bisping has revealed to ESPN that he almost had to withdraw from his UFC 127 showdown with Jorge Rivera due to a staph infection in his arm.  Bisping heads out to Sydney for the co-main event of UFC 127, where he will hope to take the first of what he believes will be two steps towards a middleweight title shot.

However, a staph infection causing pain and inflammation in the Briton’s arm triggered disruption to the start of Bisping’s fight camp, with medical assistance required to correct the problem. Bisping admits his management team – looking out for the best interests of his career – even suggested a possible postponement of the bout.

“It was something I picked up in October and then it flared up again at the start of camp,” Bisping told ESPN. “The first couple of weeks it was really bothering me, and I couldn’t really use my arm at one point.

“My manager did say to me, ‘maybe you’re gonna have to pull out of the fight’, but we still had time. Fortunately the antibiotics have cleared it all up and now the arm’s great.


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