Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos Felt Fight With Nick Diaz Was “Going The Right Way”

By Charttopper

Strikeforce fighter Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos (18-14) felt that his fight with Nick Diaz for the welterweight title was “going the right way,” right up until he used a takedown bringing the fight to the mat. So instead of helping him win the round it on the scorecard it allowed him to get caught in an armbar submission to end the fight.

It was just a few weeks ago in San Jose at the Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg event when “Cyborg” was caught in the submission and forced to tap with just ten seconds left on the clock of the second round. Up to that point, both fighters had been trading several solid strikes which left Santos feeling good about the direction of the fight.

Now that some time has passed since the loss, Santos has had some time to reflect on the loss and he isn’t beating himself over the moments lapse, he is taking the other road by working on his Jiu-Jitsu for his next fight.

“That’s it, you make a mistake and the fight’s over. He deserves some credit too, because he did it so he earned the win. I’ve always found a way out on my legs, that was the idea, and in order to guarantee a round in my favor I took him down, but it end up being exactly what he wanted. Now I can’t keep regretting it, I’ll focus more on my Jiu-Jitsu trainings. The fight was good so far, he had a good moment when fit a good punch on my chin, but it was going the right way. I’ll take a week off so my body rests and then I’ll return to the trainings, and I think I’ll fight sooner than you could imagine. They’ve told me about an event on March 5th, but didn’t say me anything about an opponent yet… But I’ll be ready. I believe I can earn another chance if I win one of two fights, and this time I won’t make a mistake. I’ll correct my mistakes of this last fight… I can fight anyone on my weight class”




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