Gilbert Melendez Discusses New Strikeforce Contract

By Jeff Cain

Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez recently signed a six-fight, two-year deal with the San Jose based fight promotion.

“I signed a two year, six-fight deal with them,” Melendez said on the latest edition of Skrap Pack Radio. “They made me a very good offer that I knew I would not get in any other organization, so I’m very happy with it and happy to get fighting again.”

The new deal locks Melendez in for two years, or six fights, which ever comes first.

“It’s what ever comes first. They have to give me three fights per year. Obviously, it can be extended if there’s an injury or something like that, or I refuse to fight,” said Melendez. “They have to get me those three fights a year, within that year, within the next year or else they’re in breach, or they’re going to have to pay me for the fights.”

The negotiations weren’t easy, but the two parties eventually came to terms.

“I signed the agreement. They sent it over. We debated for a while. We came to terms and I’m very happy with it,” said the lightweight champion.

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