After UFC fight Aldo to hold auction for Haiti

By Marcelo Dunlop

And the journey has begun. First Aldo attended an even co-organized by the Brazilian city of Manaus in the earthquake-ravaged nation of Haiti. On one of the most touching days of his trip, he visited the “Soldadinhos da Paz” (“Soldiers for Piece”) orphanage, where volunteers from the military help out. There are fifty-two children living at the shelter overseen by Father Supreme Jean Fega.

Aware of the problems afflicting Father Supreme’s family, the fighter from the poor outskirts of Manaus will hold an auction selling paraphernalia from his upcoming April 30 fight against Mark Hominick in Canada. It will be the Brazilian’s first defense of his UFC title.

Aldo confirmed that his gloves, shorts, T-shirt, cap, and sponsorship banner will all be auctioned off for the cause.

“I want to set a good starting bid to help them. We saw the donation he and his wife and children made, as well as the love the soldiers put into it by working there during their free time. It’s a wonderful endeavor. I hope I can help out,” remarked the UFC champion.

The money brought in from the auction will be used to help build the orphanage headquarters and a little school. The current orphanage is in the pastor’s house, which also had its foundations rattled by the earthquake.




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