Freddie Roach Will Show GSP the Weaknesses in Anderson’s Standup

By Chris Colemon

With Anderson’s Seagal-inspired KO of Vitor Belfort last week, we are officially halfway toward the long awaited GSP-Silva super fight. Only Jake Shields stands in the way of this epic battle, and since we don’t even want to think about him fucking this up for us, let’s get ahead of ourselves and listen in on renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach as he chats with Joe Rogan about GSP’s progression in boxing and his take on the potential match-up between GSP and Silva.

The trainer of famed pugilists such as Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya has welcomed several notable MMA fighters to train with him in recent years. His latest project is UFC Welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre, and in the video above it’s clear that he played a significant role in the improved hands Georges displayed while taking out Koscheck last December.

“[We] studied tapes. Georges gave me like 4 tapes of Koscheck. His big thing is his big right hand. What beats the right hand? What breaks a right hand up? Double Jab. It’s simple.”

“Anderson is a better boxer at this point. Georges is getting better. I’m a lot closer to Georges than I am with Anderson at this point. There’s some things that I’ve learned about Anderson that I think I can help Georges with, because I’ve worked with him closely and Anderson is a clever fighter and he’s smart.”


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