Phil Baroni talks about his upcoming fight at Titan Fighting Championship 17 on HDNet

By Josh Cross

On March 25, Baroni will compete at Titan Fighting Championships 17, taking on Kansas City middleweight up-and-comer Nick Nolte (2-2) LIVE on HDNet.

Baroni knows how important this fight is for his career. He is used to competing at a high level and taking a fight with a relative unknown like Nolte is dangerous.

ProMMAnowcom‘s Joshua Cross caught up with “The New York Badass” this week to talk about the upcoming fight, which will be his first since being released from the UFC last month. Baroni discussed the style match-up, his training, long term goals, how long he plans to keep competing and which one of his old foes he would like the chance to pay back.

PRO MMA NOW: You’re fighting Nick Nolte (3-2) at Titan Fighting Championships 17. Titan Fighting CEO Joe Kelly recently said that this was the first leg of your comeback tour. How do you plan on kicking it off?

PHIL BARONI: I plan on kicking it off with an exciting win. Whether it’s a knockout or a submission finish, I definitely plan on finishing the fight and looking good in doing it.

PRO MMA NOW: Kelly also said that this gives you an opportunity to work back to where you want to be. Can you elaborate on that and tell us where exactly it is that you want to eventually be in the future?

PHIL BARONI: Well right now in the middleweight division, all roads lead to the UFC. I mean that could change. Who knows what could go on with Bellator or Strikeforce, but right now in my mind, all roads lead back to the UFC. In that organization I feel like I didn’t have my best performances there and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I have a bad taste in my mouth and I would like to get back in there and show everybody what I’ve really got.

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