Rashad Evans might cut down to middleweight, if the fans want to see it

By Geno Mrosko

That’s what he tells Jon Anik of MMA Live:

“You know, I would never put going to any weight class out of the question because if a fight was there and it was going to be a fun and competitive fight and something that the fans wanted to see then I would try to do it. But I started my camp at 237, my last camp, and it’s going to be really hard for me to make weight. I think the older I’m getting, my body is starting to settle in a little bit, besides the fact my biceps are growing every second of the day. I’m just kidding but I’m getting to be a little bit bigger now so it’s harder for me to make 185. It would be a very hard cut but if the fans wanted to see it then I might do it, you know.”

Former Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans made the fateful decision to wait around for a title shot against Mauricio Rua after defeating “Rampage” Jackson all the way back in May of 2010. Once “Shogun” finally healed up from surgery though, “Suga” went down with a knee injury of his own. That allowed his teammate Jon Jones to step in once he blew by Ryan Bader at UFC 126. Which, of course, puts Evans in quite the predicament. If his buddy wins the belt, he says he’ll change weight classes; either move up to heavyweight or drop down to middleweight. The way he makes it sound, it’s more or less up to the fans. So I ask of you, Maniacs — which weight class would you rather see Rashad competing in, if a switch becomes necessary?




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