Ray Sefo: K-1 Owes Me $700,000 Dollars…

By Larry McLeod

“Sugar” Ray Sefo is a legend in combat sports. Sefo is a five time Muay Thai World Champion, eight time K-1 World Grand Prix finalist, owns 56 kick boxing wins, and boasts an undefeated MMA record. Sefo has fought the best of the best around the world including Melvin Manhoef, Mike Bernardo, Peter Aerts, Jerome Le Banner, Sam Greco, Andy Hug, and others.

MNL had a chance to catch up with him while he was preparing for his fight against Valentijin Overeem.

MNL: You are an alternate for the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament, correct?
Ray Sefo: I believe so, that’s correct.

MNL: Lets talk about K-1 (FEG owns K-1) and their money troubles; they haven’t been paying the fight or only partially paying them. Have you had issues getting paid by K-1 and do they still owe you money?
Sefo: (Laughs) That’s a pretty good joke. YEes they do and not only myself, but I’m sure it’s no secret that the K-1 promoter from Holland put out an interview that named the ten or twelve guys who haven’t been paid. I still have issues with them and non-payment. FEG owes me a lot of money and I will no longer have anything to do with them until such a time when they settle this debt. We’re talking close to about $700,000.


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